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  1. International Phonetic Alphabet book for learning how to sing

    International Phonetic Alphabet for Singers

    The International Phonetic Alphabet is the lingua franca of vocal pedagogy. Not only does it help you teach diction, but... Learn More

  2. International Phonetic Alphabet pronouncing languages

    International Phonetic Alphabet Listening Labs & Tests

    This text is intended for use in undergraduate diction courses, especially as a companion text for ... Learn More

  3. pronouncing Spanish diction

    Diction for Singers Listening Lab Spanish with CD

    Development is underway for the Online Interactive Listening Labs. While we cannot announce a release date... Learn More

  4. book for diction English, Italian, Latin, German, French, Spanish

    Diction For Singers, 2nd Ed

    So many languages, so little time . . .    ... Learn More

  5. Diction for Singers Teacher's Pack, English
  6. Diction for Singers Tests and Worksheets