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Diction For Singers, 2nd Ed

Integrated Diction Multimedia Platform

Multimedia improves learning by as much as 75% compared to learning without it—and we have made it easy for you to include in your diction classes. 


Our integrated multimedia diction platform supports you while teaching your students to: 


  • Articulate, read, and write the phonemes and allophones of all relevant languages (IPA for Singers). 
  • Learn the pronunciation guidelines for when and how to use those phonemes and allophones, in each relevant language, in one volume, and one low price (Diction for Singers). 
  • Practice, practice, practice with the online listening labs, which allow for listening, recording, and playing back your students' own voices against experts—and you can listen in, comment, and follow along as much or as little as needed. (Online Listening Labs)


This simple approach helps you meet the demands of teaching diction with much greater ease and flexibility. The materials have been critically reviewed by your colleagues, but you may find a more thorough report in an independent doctoral dissertation on teaching materials for diction