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Set Guide to Operatic Roles & Arias-Duets

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Authors Richard Boldrey
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GuideBook for Operatic Arias

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  • GuideBook for Operatic Arias

When you want to find arias that hit the sweet spot of your tessitura or voice quality, look no further than the Guide to Operatic Roles and Arias and Guide to Operatic Duets. These two references help you draw from centuries of operatic works, narrowing down your searches not only by highly-differentiated voice categories, language, style, operas, and roles, but even by well-known singers and their repertoire—all cross-referenced for your easy and stimulating explorations. 

Guide to Operatic Roles and Arias TOC

Guide to Operatic Duets TOC

You might, for instance, have a soubrette voice to match to a range of arias or even a dramatic mezzo; or you may know of a singer whose voice is like yours or your students, and can look at his or her repertoire for interesting ideas. You may know one aria for a role, but want to see the other arias he or she sings in the opera. With the rich cross-references between roles, voice categories, operas, and singers, you can find and expand the range of options easily and pleasurably.

The Opera Journal

The Guide to Operatic Roles & Arias & The Guide to Operatic Duets provides a mind-boggling array of information, but vast as its scope is, the information contained here is easy to reference. These guide books are up-to-date, authoritative, and easy-to-use. University music reference sections and directors of opera programs are going to want this set on their shelves and these books fill a real library niche. It shouldn’t take long before this volume is well-worn from use.”

The references are sold both individually and as a set (with a discounted price). 

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