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Singer's Edition: Lyric Light Soprano

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Authors Richard Boldrey, et al
ISBN 1934477007
Length 358 pages
Price $56.95
Seth McCoy

“Singers’ Edition, Light Lyric Soprano is an extremely valuable book. It is instant information for the teacher and vocalist. I am so impressed. The book provides the most complete treatment of arias I’ve ever seen. The breakdown of the series into the different fachs is an ingenious and exciting idea. I can’t wait for the others.”
Eastman School of Music

Soprano operatic arias collection music and rich interpretation notes

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  • Soprano operatic arias collection music and rich interpretation notes

With these information-rich volumes, you can save precious time in your studio lessons while guiding your students toward a comprehensive mode of what to look for in an aria, a model of digging in to the details and finding artistic satisfaction in noticing and expressing them.

To accomplish this, each aria has several robust essays called perspectives. First the story perspective—the complete opera story— places the setting of the aria—why it is there, what function it serves, what prompts the character to sing it. The historical perspective describes the artistic milieu in which the aria was composed, helping you guide your students through such issues as style, taste, musical temperment. The musical perspective takes a look at the score through the eyes of a conductor, and, to facilitate this perspective, the score is copiously annotated. This perspective helps you guide your student to notice musical nuances, places where harmonies and melodies cross reference each other, sections where an orchestral part may "tone paint" an emotion of the character or story element of the setting. The dramatic perspective looks at the aria through the eyes of a dramatic coach, helping your student develop the character, subtext, and emotional beats throughout the aria. The language perspective rounds out each aria with a word-by-word translation and phonetic transcription.

Soubrette Table of Contents

Light Lyric Soprano Table of Contents

Each volume as a whole also includes additional articles about voice categories, helping to further guide students in selecting repertoire and matching their voices to such things as tessitura.
By assigning any Singer's Edition, you give your students a body of arias suitable to her voice and a volume loaded with pleasurable and stimulating insights for exploring those arias in depth. In the end, you free your precious studio time by presenting a model for your students of what a well-rounded approach to studying any literature for voice looks like.

Here is what some of your colleagues have said about them:


Dr. Karen Peeler

Singers’ Edition is the most thorough and comprehensive approach to opera repertoire ever published. It is beautifully written, full of creative ideas and comments, and is indispensable as a teaching and performance resource. It is a must for every singer’s library.

Professor of Voice, The Ohio State University


Robert Spillman

This will be a welcome addition to any singer’s library. Not only will almost every voice student find his or her ‘best’ arias collected in one volume, but he or she will have a wealth of useful, pertinent, and fascinating information included alongside. What a terrific concept—bravo!

Director of the Aspen Music Festival


Dr. Donna Brink Fox

Singers’ Edition makes a positive contribution to complimentary roles played by a vocal musician, singer, actor, scholar, teacher, researcher. The varied aspects of the publication address all of the supportive information in a comprehensive fashion that will inform performances of this repertoire. Its a fabulous resource, both for young singers who are just beginning the study of this material, and for experienced performers and teachers who immediately have at their fingertips the contextual background for the arias. The book fills an important niche in the arena of educational materials related to vocal development.

Eastman School of Music


Phyllis Curtin

Singers’ Edition is a splendid aid to the teacher of singers. It answers succinctly, with wonderful awareness of the uniqueness of individual singers, those difficult questions about voice categories, pointing out that some voices cross them and change with age and development. The student can take time, reading and learning far more about the repertoire and his or her place in it than there is time for in most studios. Information about the musical material is informative and written interestingly. In using this book, the reader finds out what ought to be learned about ALL the music he/she studies.

International Performer, Tanglewood


Karl Kroeger

I have looked carefully at the contents of the Light Lyric Soprano volume and find it in all ways an excellent production. It is well conceived and executed, selected with care, attractively printed with accurate and helpful information on the arias. I would certainly recommend it without hesitation to all performers in this voice category and to my colleagues in the music library to add to their collections. It is in every way an admirable product.

University of Colorado


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