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As the first initiative in our pedagogy platform, we are offering the six films of The Singer's Voice: The Complete Set as an online multimedia lab, allowing you to easily and affordably add multimedia to your pedagogy classes.

Your students pay a low introductory price of only $15.00 to view all six films (10 viewings). These films include Breath, Vocal Folds, Vocal Folds Fiberoptic View, Vocal Tract, Resonance, and The Human Voice—several hours of much-loved animations, fiberoptic endoscopy, MRI, and cineflouroscopy dedicated to making your teaching easier and richer. Breath, Vocal Folds, Vocal Folds Fiberoptic View, and Vocal Tract allow you to cover the anatomy and functions of the voice rapidly; Resonance and The Human Voice allow you to set up advanced pedagogy in the easiest way possible.

With this treasure-trove of multimedia, you can already accomplish more with less time right now. In the future, we anticipate freeing your time even more by enhancing the online multimedia labs. For instance, we expect to integrate online tests and worksheets, handouts and study sheets, and programs that make it easy for you to assign sections tightly integrated with the printed materials in Excellence in Singing, especially Beginning the Process, Mastering the Fundamentals, and Advancing the Technique. We anticipate fleshing out the platform with an online tool to make it easier to teach, understand, and pragmatically use passages and registers, and to make it simpler to teach your students how to classify a voice. Please call or write to us for further information.

Multimedia has been proven to enhance learning; now you can enjoy how much you can get done with the little time you have.


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