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The Singer's Voice: Resonance

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Authors Robert Caldwell
ISBN 1934477151
Length 1 DVD
Price $150.00
B. Raymond Fink, M.D.

“The Vocal Folds videotapes explain how the sounds of the singing voice originate and outline the basic principles of training. Simple but quite accurate colored drawings of the larynx are animated to show the way the parts work together. The narrative is lucid, beautifully spoken, perfectly timed and technically accurate, yet easily understandable to the non-specialist.”
University of Washington School of Medicine.

singing resonance vocal tract MRI from movie about how to sing

Resonance and the next title, The Human Voice, helps you guide your students deep into the story of the voice—the shaping of the vocal sound itself (acoustics), arguably the most challenging of all areas in vocal pedagogy. And you get to deliver that story in your classes in the easiest and most effective way possible

video sample 1 from Resonance

video sample 2 from Resonance

Resonance begins by combining MRIs with sophisticated 3D animation (see the image in the left column), where you help your students see the air spaces in the vocal tract being shaped by the articulators dynamically.

The film then goes on to explain why these changing shapes affect the tone, beginning with looking at sound itself, animated down among microscopic air particles, and then showing sound waves in the vocal tract. Your students visualize the features of sound waves—disturbances, pressure, rarefaction, sine waves, complex waves, the foundations of acoustics. By looking at how sound waves reflect in the vocal tract, you show your students how resonance emerges, giving rise to formants and other features of the vocal sound, the deepest layer of knowlege for vocal pedagogy, which you get to offer in your advanced classes as easily as possible.

Resonance works in tandem with The Human Voice, another film that helps understand the whole, integrated vocal system, allowing you to lay a complete visual foundation for advanced vocal pedagogy.


For the accompanying text, see Beginning the Process, the section "The air inside the body beginning on page 209.

For further essays and pragmatic applications of the ideas in this film, see Mastering the Fundamentals and the section "Teaching and Learning Flexible Resonance" beginning on page 191.

For further expansion of how the ideas in this film lead to differences in the voice's registers (timbre), see the sample clip of “formants” from the film The Human Voice

These units represent a small example of the integrated "mix 'n match" materials you can draw from the platform to enrich your teaching.


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sample chapter 8 “Breath” (from Mastering the Fundamentals)

sample clip of “sound at the vocal folds” (from The Human Voice)

sample clip of “formants” (from The Human Voice)


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