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The Singer's Voice: The Complete Set

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Authors Joan Wall and Robert Caldwell
ISBN 1934477113
Length 6 titles
Price $655.00
B. Raymond Fink, M.D.

“The Vocal Folds videotapes explain how the sounds of the singing voice originate and outline the basic principles of training. Simple but quite accurate colored drawings of the larynx are animated to show the way the parts work together. The narrative is lucid, beautifully spoken, perfectly timed and technically accurate, yet easily understandable to the non-specialist.”
University of Washington School of Medicine

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The complete set of The Singer's Voice includes all six titles, priced with a discount, including the following:

Breath introduces the lungs, ribs, diaphragm, and abdominal muscles, as well as key concepts like muscle antagonism. The animation shows how all parts work in concert for optimal singing in full motion, both part-by-part and with each other. With this film, you lay the foundation for breath support in your classes with elegant simplicity. (sample)

Vocal Folds
This title lets you guide your students through the parts within the larynx and how they work together to affect vocal fold vibration, which allows you to set the foundation for many core concepts in vocal pedagogy easily—for instance, say, the difference between chest and head voice, or the reasons every voice has a zone of passage and the pedagogical approaches to singing through it. (sample)

Vocal Folds Fiberoptic View
This title accompanies Vocal Folds, exploring a singer's vocal folds with a fiberoptic endoscope. While being filmed up close on the vocal folds, the singer performs a wide range of vocal exercises, so you can show your students how the folds stretch, thin, thicken, rock, open, close, and phonate in fascinating detail—a vivid set of mental imagery that lets you pave the way for future pedagogical understandings. (sample)

Vocal Tract
Vocal Tract
gives you an unparalleled opportunity to show the fine inner workings of the articulators from inside the head. The film is created from rare Magnetic Resonance Images (MRI) taken in an exploratory, ambitious, and cutting edge lab. Each image was taken while a singer sang a vowel or consonant, holding her head (amazingly) still for 12-second exposures. The resulting grey images were then processed with special color techniques and overlaid with animation. Playing the images, from one vowel or consonant to another, you give your students a real and vivid picture of the actual shapes and movements within the vocal tract—an astonishing display of why we can create the wide range of sounds we celebrate as singers. (sample)

Resonance lets you and your students float down into the springy air particles, the microscopic world underlying advanced pedagogy. It begins by combining the MRIs with sophisticated 3D animation, where your students see the vocal tract air spaces being shaped by the articulators, the constantly changing column of air that singers “tune” for advanced vocal skills. From this macroscopic view of the air, you guide your students through tiny distinctions of vocal acoustics—no small challenge—in the simplest and easiest methods possible. (sample 1, sample 2)

The Human Voice
In high-resolution, 3D animation, The Human Voice creates a bridge from the previous five titles to hands-on, advanced pedagogy—the connection from understanding how the voice works to pedagogical exercises. It explicitly lays out the source-filter theory specifically for singers, in clear, step-by-step scenes, so that the inner workings of the voice connect to the sensations of sound—pitch, loudness, and timbre—and, therefore, to the art of singing. In tandem with Resonance, this film allows you to build a robust visual foundation for nearly every concept in advanced vocal pedagogy. (sample 1, sample 2)

The Singer's Voice Complete Set creates a rich, visual, robust set of tools to understand the voice in the easiest possible way. The films are integrated with the texts in our vocal pedagogy multimedia platform, all created with the goal of giving you a set of comprehensive resources to make teaching pedagogy rewarding, efficient, and interesting.


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