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The Singer's Voice: Vocal Folds

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Authors Joan Wall and Robert Caldwell
ISBN 1934477137
Length 1 DVD
Price $150.00
Fred Minifie

“The series of five films produced on the singer’s voice provides excellent teaching aids for use in courses in vocal pedagogy and in communication sciences and disorders. The information is accurate, simply presented, and appropriate. The colorful graphics and animation provide dynamic demonstrations of respiration for sound production and of laryngeal anatomy and physiology. All in all, this series provides excellent teaching aids.”
Department of Speech and Hearing University of Washington

larynx vocal folds animation movie about how to sing

In the same style as Breath, the simplicity of Singer’s Voice Vocal Folds animations will help you deliver to your students rapidly and effectively the core interplay between the anatomy and aerodynamics within the larynx to produce sound.

video sample 1 from Vocal Folds

video sample 2 from Vocal Folds

The animation guides your students through the muscle pairs within the larynx, describing their functions relevant to singing. For instance, your students see clearly the thyroarytenoids contract and stretch the vocal folds, which, themselves, can contract and thicken or relax and thin—a key concept for understanding how a singer can sing same pitch in different registers. 

Once you lay the anatomical groundwork, you can show more implications for pitch, volume, and registration, providing a solid understanding in pedagogical concepts. 

You can easily zip through topics such as the Bernoulli effect, myoelastic aerodynamic principles, the cartilages, vocal folds, intrinsic muscles, vocal fold adjustments, adduction, and abduction—all animated for optimum clarity.

Then you can show the fiber-optic view of the vocal folds while a singer performs a wide range of vocal challenges, delivering a full understanding in your classes easily.


For the accompanying text, see Beginning the Process, the section "The body: The vocal instrument," and the subsection, "Phonation" beginning on page 166.

For further essays and pragmatic applications of the ideas in this film, see Mastering the Fundamentals and the section "Teaching and Learning Flow Phonation" beginning on page 109.

For further expansion of how the ideas in this film lead to differences in sound (registers), see the clip on sound at the vocal folds (from The Human Voice)


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