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  1. vocal pedagogy book for anatomy, physiology, acoustics, aerodynamics of voice

    Beginning the Process:The art of teaching and learning singing

    The moment a student begins the process of becoming an artist in the world—what a magical time. And your... Learn More

  2. how to sing notes music accompaniment CD warmups singing exercises

    Sing! Song & Text for Voice Class

    Sing! rounds out the vocal pedagogy multimedia platform with materials for voice class—a balanced, well-rounded text, sheet music,... Learn More

  3. International Phonetic Alphabet book for learning how to sing

    International Phonetic Alphabet for Singers

    The International Phonetic Alphabet is the lingua franca of vocal pedagogy. Not only does it help you teach diction, but... Learn More

  4. vocal tract MRI from movie about how to sing

    The Singer's Voice: Vocal Tract

    The Singer’s Voice Vocal Tract departs from Breath and Vocal Folds: its animation is derived from 87 MRIs taken of... Learn More

  5. pronouncing Russian diction aria translations and phonetic transcriptions

    Russian Songs & Arias

    Interesting Russian diction, magical Russian songs . . . All for your exploration.  ... Learn More

  6. The Singer's Voice: The Human Voice

    The Singer's Voice: The Human Voice

    The Human Voice lets you show your students the complex relationships that allow the singer’s voice to emerge as... Learn More

  7. organ of corti still from 3D movie

    Through A Portal to the Mind

    (For previews, see  the main site.) Through a Portal to the... Learn More

  8. book for stage fright, performance anxiety, and stage presence

    The Performer Prepares: Lighting Up the Audience

    Day after day, hour after hour, you practice, learn, and study your music, preparing for what is, by comparison, a... Learn More

  9. CelumbraIPA: International Phonetic Alphabet Font for Singers

    CelumbraIPA: International Phonetic Alphabet Font for Singers

    Add to Cart  CelumbraIPA smooths out working with the lingua franca of voice—the Internaltional... Learn More