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When we acquired the company, we discovered first printings of the much-loved Excellence in Singing in an old warehouse. These beautiful books are rare, as they were printed with the highest standards available (acid free paper, two-color interior throughout, first-class binding), with the intention of lasting a lifetime. We even found a number of cases to bind them.

Because these classic books are newly found after acquiring the company and out of our normal workflows, we are offering the set at $150—a 60% discount from the regular price—a super deal for your studio or your school library. The offer includes five books and (until we run out) cases


Vol. 1: Beginning the Process

Vol. 2: Mastering the Fundamentals

Vol. 3: Advancing the Technique

Vol. 4: Becoming an Artist

Vol. 5: Managing Vocal Health

Also because these are outside our automated business flows, please call 1-855-DICTION to place your order (they cannot be ordered through the web site) and must be processed by hand.

And also because these are outside our automated business flows, we need someone to leave the office, go to the warehouse, hand-pack the books, and ship them one-at-a-time, so please allow extra time for shipping these books.